31 July, 2015

How We Do Movies

Victor went to see A Night at the Museum III for his birthday. We hadn't seen the first 2, but a movie at the theater is maybe a once a year deal for us. The blood center was offering free tickets in exchange for a pint & I was able to donate in Nov. & Dec. so they could go out together.

The girls went to see Cinderella w/ their grandma when it came out. Charlotte had just been given the blue dress & Miranda had the pink princess dress left over from Dollar Generals Halloween clearance. I embellished hers to look like the dress the step-sisters trashed. They were thrilled to leave the house in character, something usually not allowed. The movie people were taken enough to give them 2 free movie posters.

Mike stayed w/ them one night so I could go see it w/ some friends, which was nice; I hadn't been out w/ friends in public in nearly a decade & never w/out drinking. It was good calm fun.

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