01 August, 2013

Unveiling the Eggs

You may remember my post back in May on preserving eggs. Well today, July 31st, I tested them to find out. I started w/ the oldest eggs. I stored them in the pantry April 14th.

They look like eggs & no foul odor precedes them.

Just to make sure, I'll crack them in a bowl before they go into the pan.

If they all follow this route, they are for being scrambled & for baking purposes. They smell fine. My bowl is a brownish mustard color, really not the best for showing off eggs that might be questionable. I'll try another to be sure...

I was much more gentle in the thumbs w/ this break. Even so, the yolk membrane is not as solid as in a freshly gathered egg. Everyone but Mike likes their eggs fried hard so that is where these are going.

Yum! Fried in olive oil, w/ salt & pepper, they taste like eggs. I'm surprised they did this well w/out ac & the high humidity. I will probably crack them all over a bowl before use, but it's good to know we can keep eggs for when the chickens will moult this winter.

As an update, we went through the whole dozen this day, only 4 came out w/ intact yolks. We might have gotten more, Victor fried 3 of his own eggs for a snack & his thumbs lack finesse. I was holding baby while cracking them for smoothies & wasn't able to focus.

Looking back at the day, how could we make it w/out chickens? My 2 for breakfast V & M had 5 for a snack, 2 in smoothies, 2 for an egg wash to bread supper in & 1 in a loaf of banana bread.  None of us are sick after 24 hours so this is a good alternative for storage space/ power outage.

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