25 July, 2013

Our Lemonade Twist

This is our favorite summer herb usage. The lady who hosted my baby shower made this & it was SO GOOD, I've been making it whenever lemonade is in the house. Mid-afternoon in the heat we like to have a cool break. It usually consists of popsicles, watermelon or lemonade.

 I had Charlotte pick a mugful of mint leaves in the morning.

I poured boiling water basically making tea & let it steep for 10 min, lid on.

If you have a lemon tree & can go all out organic/local, good for you, I encourage that. Lemon trees are few & far between here, so generic drink mix works for us.

Strain the tea into your powder, add the specified amount of water & voila!

The most delicious lemonade you've mixed up yourself. Unless you do the black/raspberry kind, that's good too!

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