09 May, 2013

Spring Update

It's been mostly warmer here & that's led to some much welcome changes. School can be outside...

I've got a gestation countdown in my planner. The first is for baby chicks, the second for baby goats, the third for me :).

Mike went up to Asheville to pick up some new seeds I've been anxious to acquire. Local GMO free heirloom seeds native to southern Appalachia. There's a melon so rare they won't sell more than 12 seeds per packet. I chose it because it specifically said the rinds were good for pickling & I enjoy putting those up.

What w/ laundry, homeschool & impending baby DV, I had asked Mike to take over the garden as he only had class 2 days a week & that over the first week of May. He extended the garden & opted for the traditional row garden as opposed to my square foot set up. I am trying to keep my mouth shut on too many helpful suggestions & try to give it a half hours attention a day to weeding & thinning, which he appreciates. We're trying the Gardening by the Moon section of the farmers almanac this year.

The seeds I had planted too late in Oct. for winter greens never came up until after he had sowed the spring greens so it got crowded in there pretty quick. I had forgotten what I'd planted & I think my lettuce & spinach is actually mustard & beet. They both make a good salad though, just a little spicy. Potatoes, onions, garlic, strawberries, peas & beans are in here along w/ the herbs that overwintered.

The new extended section we've dubbed "triangle patch". We're not expecting much this year, but I had thought we ought to give our raised bed a Jubilee but that wouldn't leave us w/ much either. So we'll have a staggered patch. I'd like to extend the whole thing to down near the branch but if I'm not doing most of the work I'd better not ask, lol. The garlic is in, the melons, cukes & carrots are in but not up yet & I've thinned some kale over there as well.

Spring is round!


Joyful Christian Homemaking said...

I love the last picture, and your dress is beautiful. :-)

Mrs. V said...

Thanks! It's one of those dresses that goes together in 3 hours, from Common Sense Patterns, the Women's Square Necked Dress. It's not for maternity but it's doing a darn good job, I'm enjoying it before nursing has me putting it away for the year.