13 May, 2013

Babies Galore: Graphic!

Chickens are gross. They love everything that comes out from a birth. 

Clarice nursing, helping to get her brother out.

Victor thought it was much cooler than the twin goat birth on youtube.

There is Clyde, that is afterbirth hanging out of Abigail. She passed it about 3 hours later.

The first clutch of eggs hatched, 7 out of 8 were successfully born. One cracked it's shell all the way around coming out but never managed to get out of the shell & was smelly by the time we went out there.

I thought Abigail would enjoy some greens as she's been running to the branch on her way into the shed to tear off clumps of whatever is growing so I staked her out an hour before the usual going in time. She didn't want to be there which I thought odd. She kept nuzzling me & licking my apron which she doesn't usually do so I hung out w/ her & saw her water bag just break in a gush. I ran & got Mike & when I came back there were already little hooves & a nose coming out.

She did very good, gave 1 or 2 good yells & was done. Mike is so baby ready he came out in his purple rubber gloves & bulb syringe but I had already had Victor grab a rag & pulled the mucous off of it's nose. It was a girl! A boy followed 15 min. later. I felt pretty bad for not following her signals of wanting to be back in her shed; the babies were born on a hill & kept rolling down until we picked them up & took them to flatter land.

She licked them all clean & dry & followed them & a box of raisins back to her shed where she promptly drank 3 gal. of warm molasses water. The children & I had just watched a twin goat birth on youtube a couple of weeks prior & I was so glad they got to see this in person.  Our first goats were the "A" series w/ Annie & Abigail, followed by Buford, Beatrice & Bertram. This is Clyde & Clarice.
I get chocolate, she gets raisins.

We've another clutch of eggs due in a week. Mike doesn't want more than 2 this year so we're doing a lot of breaking up of broody chickens right now. They go sitting crazy this time of year which is not a bad thing to happen. I feel like the Chinese government chickenwards. We're thankful for God's provision in these little lives & hope to do better this year than last.


Judy said...

There's lots of birthin' going on there! I hope you are feeling well yourself. I believe Mike and David must shop at the same store. LOL.

Mrs. V said...

LOL, Judy, I noticed that from your posts too.