11 April, 2013

Frugal Toy for Your Warmongerer

This is not a pro-gun post & I know some of you will disagree strongly w/ this aspect of our child rearing but our children have & play w/ toy guns. I am as neutral on the subject as you can get. But when I want to hang a picture I grab a hammer. If I need groceries I use my van. If an oppossom is on the deck stealing goat or cat food, a copperhead in the henhouse, a fox on my chickens, etc. I grab a gun. Hey, though Mike carries the gun on the property I'm the one who's done all of the shooting. That just occured to me. Ha!

Victor wants to be like daddy in many respects & carrying a gun all over the property is one of them. However, there are not alot of holsters on the market sized for small boys that will fit a plastic gun, so Mike turned one of his spare eyeglass cases into a holster. It fit & worked beautifully for about 6 months w/ heavy usage. It actually finally broke the day after this picture was taken, so I'm glad I snapped it. Just thought I'd share.


Anonymous said...

I think most of us was raises on the little cap gins, Ha remember those, with the red little caps LOL :)
Cute photo.

Mrs. V said...

I remember them but we never got them as my parents were anti-refill anything. We always did get a new water pistol every year though.

Anonymous said...

LOL I still get water pistols lol
Never too old, and great on a hot day