17 November, 2012

The Tailypo Revisited

We've had the first frosts this last week so Mike went out squirrel hunting. He has so far caught only one, so it is waiting in the freezer for a companion to make a full meal. The best part of the squirrel around here is the tail. This was Kit Kats first winter w/ us so it was her first tailypo & she enjoyed it.

She enjoyed it too much. This was all that was left of it in the morning. She's a monster!


Home Instead said...

Loved the video, the kids are sooooo big. It made me miss you all more. Good to hear you! How's pregnancy?

Mrs. V said...

I know, they're little crazy people. I miss you too. It takes me forever but I feel like I'm finally making friends here outside of the librarians in the childrens section. I do need to do an update, but it's good so far.

Eddie Rigo said...

hello Mrs V, Yes fishing is quite a far off topic lol, but I only started blogging this year and I started out by just reading random peoples blogs (like yours) just to see what was going on, to help me with mine, I remember at that time a jeep getting camofluaged and a goat in a bath. And like yourself was interested because it was well written and is a way of life very diferent to mine. we all should try something different from time to time, because nothing ventured, is nothing gained. all the best Eddie