18 October, 2012

Tick Tick Tick

You may or mayn't have noticed the blue ticker on the side of the screen that's been up for a couple of weeks & the topic surely deserves a posting of it's own. God has remembered us again (isn't that a humbling thought?) & has blessed us w/ another pregnancy; there's a little soul the size of a kidney bean floating around inside of me. The ticker is blue because I had been praying for another son but we won't be knowing the answer until late May-June.

Though this is my 4th pregnancy this is my first experience w/ morning sickness or mostly all day nausea. I'm glad to know the gamut & do know it is still much worse for other ladies so I still feel blessed. I have been off of coffee for the last 6 weeks & have yet to adjust. I am still mean & sluggish for hours after waking up though it's better if I drink a cup of tea instead. No real cravings & food is just a general turn off. W/ Victor I was also turned off of coffee & ate soup for lunch for months on end. For Charlotte & Miranda I would eat jars of jalapenos. Maybe this way I won't gain 40-60 lbs. like I usually do, lol.


Home Instead said...

Yeah!!!!!!God has blessed you, I am so happy for your whole family :-)

Joanna said...

Great news. I hope all goes well.

Mrs. V said...

Thanks Johanna! Victor made a comment that put me in mind of you Kristal. They're all excited & Victor very seriously said "Mommy I hope it's twins, cuz that's the most efficient way of doing it." I had to laugh.

Joanne said...

Praise the Lord!!!

"most efficient way" ... true ... however triplets would be even MORE efficient. ;)

God bless you - love, j

Home Instead said...

Victor is completely right!!! I'm praying for a healthy,safe delivery for you. So glad to hear that your childbearing days aren't over!! I remember praying so long ago that God would move your husbands heart to have more children. I'm humbled by God's mercy and grace and to see how he remembered you :-)