04 October, 2012

Pumpkin Lovin'

We threw a striped cushaw pumpkin seed outside & had a monster vine grow up.Unhappily the chickens got to the pumpkins while they were yet green & could peck through. I did find 2 that they had missed, hidden in the weeds on the compost wire & one that had grown through the opposite side of the fence. I've got pictures of them somewhere but since our hard drive crashed I am uploading pictures w/ out the ability to find or access half of them. They are pretty pumpkins though not very pumpkin like in appearance. They taste good & I've heard that they'll keep well for up to 2 years; they've a hard rind if you let it cure sufficiently. I like to use fresh pumpkin in nearly everything. First cut your pumpkin into pieces small enough to fit a pan.

Scoop out your seed hollow. But not to the trash!

Save the pumpkin seeds for you favorite men. I dredged ours in butter & salted them lightly & toasted them. Pumpkin seeds are good for prostate health. The guts can go to your critters.

Wrap your pumpkins in foil. Mine fit on a cookie sheet & a 13x9.

Bake until soft, depending on the size. I didn't even start poking these until 45 min. had gone by. It took about an hour & a 1/2.

Make your critters happy w/ pumpkin innards..

When done scoop out w/ a spoon into your storage containers.

We've made several pies, cookies & lots of pumpkin yogurt & oatmeal w/ our 2 pumpkins. I like to put it in the blender. Happy Fall!


Anonymous said...

Hello, Isn't it great the way Fresh pumpkin taste :)

Hi, I am Renee, I just found your blog :)

Mrs. V said...

We go pumpkin crazy this time of year. We'd like to grow a lot more next year (or protect more from the chickens)& feed the extra to the goats.
Nice to meet you, I've seen your comments on other blogs. I can't see your blog though:(. Have a great day!