01 August, 2012

Arts & Crafts, Manstyle

Mike was offered a chance to cover up some rust however he liked & out of boredom maybe? He decided to go for it. This was a black Samurai. After prepping it, he covered it all w/ a flat green. I think the idea was to get it foresty green but it reminded me of 1930's medical equipment.

I thought a red cross on the side would make a cool M.A.S.H. vehicle but this is not arts & crafts woman style.

He gathered a bunch of different leaves & camo'd it up.

It ended w/ everyone being pleased w/ the final result.

This is what Victor's school looks like when Mike is teaching the math. He wanted to clean up behind the house & so we've another shed, just in time to start the wood filling in the main one. Firstly we emptied the first one & tore out the sub-flooring in search of the rat who killed a baby chick. I think we scared it back under the main chicken house which is generously poisoned.

Victor is trying an experiment of making pine needle tea via sun. It does no good to explain how we've not got a shortage of vitamin C in the summer, he still loves his pine needles. It didn't change color but he was happy w/ the taste. He likes to flavor it (or anything) w/ molasses. I don't know if this counts for arts & crafts or not but he is the only other mannish person in our household.

The completed shed, filled up. This is Mike beginning his stakeout on the rats. They killed 2 fully feathered grown birds (25 weeks old?) & had tried to drag them under the slab into their hole. It's not a good start to the morning when you have to grab a stiff ripped open chicken & remove it from a rat hole w/out severing the head but trying to keep the exposed entrails off of you. Ah, you get used to anything. Mike was good enough to go w/out sleep for 2 nights to save the birds. Our hero!

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