30 July, 2012

Peachy Team

There's an orchard several towns over that stops off in town & sells out of their truck in a parking lot, peaches, nectarines & apples. I don't think his nectarine crop was all that great as he never had bushel baskets out but they were so good! I got to be a regular & he'd throw a couple of extra peaches/ nectarines in. Farmers do appreciate a regular, especially if you buy the culls. Which I never got to because the lady ahead of me got them but they do appreciate the asking. 

Sticky fingers!

But the day of bushel baskets arrived! I was thankful to get one & then had a canning day planned out instead of school. Canning is a long day & when you hadn't had it planned out it can take a sizeable chunk out of your week. I was determined to have help this year & Victor & Charlotte were happy to help w/ peaches. If it had been, say, onions or zucchini they are not as enthusiastic in being recruited. But everyone can get behind peaches.

I did the hot stuff & cutting. Victor was my peeler & Charlotte would put the peach slices through the funnel into the jars. She kept licking her hands & kept getting sent to the sink, she must have washed her hands 40 times & was not quite a help but she did learn to have fun working. She has also turned out to be my bean stringer/ snapper, corn shucker, bread kneader. If I'm in the kitchen that's where she wants to be. I wish she were more eager to be part of the clean up but I must have failed there.

Mike had set up a propane burner outside to keep the heat out & we got nearly 14 pints. It was a good day w/ not many serious burns. I scalded a thigh but was wearing 2 layers of denim so it was only a minor irritation. Honestly I'm so clumsy & get burned so easy I was thankful it wasn't anything worse. I had done peaches last year over our fire pit, the propane was nicer as I didn't have to tend it & could go back inside & prepare the next batch. We're thankful to God for fruit treats in the winter & adding to our children's store of knowledge as well.

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