11 July, 2012


I've been finding & drying things as I come across them. This is the most exotic wildflower I've ever come across & grows on a running vine. It's good for a sleep aid. I have never seen any more of these so I only harvested 3 blossoms & some leaves. The deer (which are thick!) I think have been eating these too.


This is poison. There is a ton of it this year. I thought it was some kind of wild potato as the blossoms & berries are almost identical but while it is in the same family this is a thorny plant. I have read that you can make a gravy of the berries but I've also read that this was the means of Socrates suicide, so I'll pass.


I've got a black walnut tree across the branch on the highway side. Not easy to get to. But I'd read so much good about green black walnut I knew I'd have to try to get some. More to follow tomorrow.

Black Walnut

The walnut are the surest identification.

Our yellow buckeye.

Their leaves grow like a hand. People in these hills carry (or did) a buckeye in the pocket or purse to ward off the evil eye. The inner nut, a conker is very smooth & brown. I think it's called a conker.

Herb wise you can bake & grind them to make a library paste. Other buckeyes have a saponin quality that you can wash w/ in place of soap. The yellow buckeye is particular to this region but there's lots of different kinds.

A nice lady up the hill also gifted me w/ yarrow, feverfew, bergamot, chamomile & some bachelors buttons, which are blooming so I'm excited to use those this winter should the need arise.

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