12 July, 2012

Black Walnut Tincture

Green black walnut is (from what I've read) a great anti parasitic & easy to make. De-worming was a common practice to man & beast alike when America was a more agrarian nation & the majority of the population lived in close proximity to animals.
Identify your black walnut tree & harvest enough nuts to fill a jar.

Procure cheaper vodka than this. A rot gut variety actually makes for a better tincture but you want a bigger size due to possible wood or isopropyl alcohol contamination.

Walnuts in jar...

& vodka over walnuts. Cap & put in a dark place shaking the jar when you wake up & before going to bed for 7 days.

I actually didn't need the strainer, but do strain off the liquid after day 7.

You'll be rewarded w/ a mostly blackish evil looking concoction. I've read that black walnut will also help to re-grow tooth enamel/heal cavities. Green black walnut is higher in anti-parisitical qualities which we need  right now due to an infestation of barberpole worms. I give a .5 tsp. twice a day until improvement is noted More on that to follow.

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