02 June, 2012

When you must you really must..

...pasteurize. I'm all for raw milk but occasionally a hoof will go where it ought not & steps must be taken. I milk into a a tallish industrial size mayonnaise jar & while a hoof has never gone into the actual milk, Annie is a kicky milker & I have had to pull the jug away while her hoof was on the top. Which is where I pour it out. According to Carla milk ought to be heated in a double boiler to prevent scorching up to 160 degrees for 20 seconds after straining. I've not got the thermometer she calls for but a candy thermometer works fine.

Then it must be rapidly cooled, which is what Victor is doing. We had a little talk about Louis Pasteur, his discoveries & causes of spoilage so it was a fun little history/ science before breakfast.

This is not my favorite part of the morning as it adds extra pots & pans & depletes my ice supply but no one wants hoof milk.

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