06 June, 2012

Our Land Floweth w/ Milk

I'm getting about 1/2 a gal. a day which I know is not much for prize milkers but I think it's pretty good for 2 first timers. It's PLENTY for us, I am making as much cheese as I know how. There is no local source of rennet that I know of & purchasing on line at the moment is out of the question for us so cream cheese it is. here is my green cheese based on Mike's love of Tadziki. I do not know how to spell that, it's Greek.

First make your yogurt when you run out of room in your fridge for all of your milk jars. This is 2 quarts.

Set your single fold diaper, cheesecloth, pillowcase, whatever inside of a colander.

Place your colander on another bowel & pour in your yogurt to separate your curd & whey. Leave in the refrigerator overnight.

The separated curd.

A handful of basil from your garden.

Cut the scape's from your garlic into tiny bits.

I like to chiffonade my basil. Layer your leaves from largest to smallest.

Pretend like you are rolling a basil cigar.

Chop the cigar into tiny bits.

Take a tsp. of salt.

A Tbsp. will cover the palm pads under your first 3 fingers, just for reference. I thought you were supposed to use a Tbsp of salt. Don't!

Peel, scoop out & chop half of a cucumber. Add a dash (dash!) of garlic powder. Mind that you double check your container to check you've opened the sprinkle side rather than the scoop side. I did not.

And you've got a batch of green cheese. I hope yours is not as salty/ garlicky as the batch in the picture. I added a whole cucumber to counterbalance the bite. It keeps for about a month & they fit in 8 oz. containers. I did another one w/ honey for a breakfast spread, you could add preserves or any other combination of herbs. This is just what we've got.

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