11 May, 2012

You Might Have Heard We Had An Election...

... this past Tues. & the marriage amendment was the primary focus which, to the outrage of the rest of the nation, passed. Mike & I do believe that homosexuality is wrong. The Bible clearly says it is an abomination. For my personal part I don't think it is the worst sin one could commit; I would put it up there somewhere w/ adultery. BUT I am not God & I don't presume to rank sins according to their offense.

This was an election we didn't vote in. We've studied & decided that to truly be separate from the world Christians ought not to vote. Another personal opinion coming but as a straight married "millennial" I didn't support the bill. Homosexual marriage was already illegal in NC. & heterosexual domestic partnerships are no longer recognized. I have a problem w/ this.

 Marriage is an institute sanctioned by God (between a man & a woman). Since it is sanctioned by God I feel it is wrong to go to the government & ask for permission (marriage license) to carry out what God has already commanded. That puts government in God's place. Not all, but some people in domestic partnerships hold to this view also.

I also don't think homosexual marriage is a threat to heterosexual marriage nearly as much as other heterosexuals. How many straight people are lured away by the same sex? I doubt it. What this bill says it wants to do (protect the sanctification of marriage) & what it actually does do are not the same.

Heterosexuals wouldn't feel the threat of marriage being unsanctified if we (speaking on behalf of heterosexuals) had not unsanctified it. If marriage must be protected by the government at all costs let us pass a bill to vilify adulterers. Bring back the Scarlet A. Or exponentially increase the difficulty to divorce. Or is only one kind of debauchery allowed?

I predict that until marriage becomes precious again & esteemed highly by society it is only logical to see homosexuals want to marry like everyone else...so they can eventually cheat on each other like everyone else... & divorce.

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