15 May, 2012

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Some goings on around here include Victor playing w/ the camera. There's this shot but 50 more of random body parts of baby goats.

Beer bottles fit these black sheep/goat nipples. I thought the Miller Lite company might get a kick out of seeing this. Our goats are all nursing though one mother has to be locked in to facilitate.

My favorite chicken is dead. This is Forest Buffy. She went native, made a secret nest in the woods after we requisitioned her clutch of 14 eggs, went broody & got eaten. We never found her.

Our portable milk stand compliments of my brother in law.

Here he is, showing us how to build & pulling off a Wolverine impression w/ his whiskers at the same time. Darrin is the goat whisperer.

Rejected chick whom Victor adopted. It had spraddle legs so I tried to hobble it to help the bones grow straight.

Spacey looking boots to straighten its curled toes. Victor named it Peep Peep.

Dad is sending us random weird stuff again. Victor's new friend, less cute than Peep Peep.
Here Victor is talking to Peep Peep while keeping it warm & Charlotte is trying to chicken talk to it w/ a squeaky toy. It kind of did sound like a chicken. However, Peep Peep wouldn't eat or drink unless it was w/ a medicine dropper & day 3 we deemed it cruel to prolong it as it wouldn't learn to eat or drink. Mike favors crushing w/ a big rock but that freaks me out, I'm for the guillotine. Poor Peep Peep just had one thick woozy drop of blood that welled up w/out a head it was so dehydrated. Victor takes death so hard, Charlotte is just cold about it.

I had to share these blue eyes. My sister sent the jacket.

Our first castration in making a wether. Victor is photographer but he retches & gags at anything graphic or bloody so this is as close as the pictures get. Mike cut them out while I held. It was so awful, testicles are slippery! He screamed the whole time & bled quite a bit & lay down for 3 hours or so, we were demoralized.
   We waited 2 weeks to do the runt & Mike studied a bit more, cutting off the whole bottom of the sack & just pulling them off. Only 3 little bleats & I got kicked in the neck which I consider fair. Mike was demoralized again but there was almost no blood & he was up playing in 15 minutes & humping his sister the next day. It was quite a shock to see how much bigger they had grown in 2 weeks than the brother's, Mike said that made them easier to grasp.

She wipes the chairs which is a made up job but keeps her busy.

They wanted him to clean the church too.

New phonic site. I've got the blue back speller & tried to figure out how to teach it. Children used to be taught the syllabary where you learn to spell each syllable. Victor copies a line from it every day & though this phonics site is somewhat boring it gets the job done. We both like that we can pause it & work at his pace.

Curriculum time is here & this is the first official year on record that we'll be homeschooling. I've got to submit a notice of intent & have a yearly test but in several NC counties homeschoolers outnumber public schoolers. I've ordered most of our books & am waiting for funds to order another. I'm sticking w/ Heart of Dakota but since we're still not done w/ the first one I'm waiting for fall. I've ordered nearly all of the auxiliaries but not the main book. Victor's math is in from Christian Light Publishers, it looks like more fun than Rod & Staff which I've heard nothing but good things about. I just don't want to kill an enjoyment of math before it starts.

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