25 January, 2012

New Bunker Book!

If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know we follow Michael Bunker's articles, sermons, radio show & more recently, books. If you still have not read Surviving Off Off-Grid, well I can only pity you. It is a very challenging book & perfectly put our family's philosophy into words while giving us a proper worldview in all of our end goals. If you know that being uncomfortable in your self reflection is a good thing, you'll also want to get the companion book, Modern Religious Idols.

BUT! There is a new book afoot & this one is a historical fictiony practicum of SOOG. I might not have said that right but it is based on historical events 20 years after the post apocalyptic collapse that everyone is sure is around the corner. So 20 years after Patriots or One Second After set in District 4 of The Hunger Games before it goes underwater or Panem emerges (We love after the collapse stories) we have The Last Pilgrims.

This is the beginning of a trilogy & from the novella, it promises to be good. Not merely good, but useful. There are bits of lore & know-how peppered throughout the exchanges of the characters. Mr. Bunker has taken the stories of the persecuted medieval Waldensiens & put them in the future, kind of like an Amish sect in Texas. They were already living an off off-grid existance & were relatively unfazed by the collapse itself. 20 years later when the rest of society goes to war... that's all I know.

Book bomb February 24th!

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