28 January, 2012

Root Cellar Completion

This is what we had back in May.

This is what God has graciously permitted us in December.

A week.

A summer.

A man w/ a vision, long on time & short on cash can move a mountain.

Family & neighbors helped us.

We are in debt to the help of our neighbor Alan Bridges & his family whose schedule I'm sure they disrupted for us more than once for his skill & generosity. Thank you Bridges!

And Mike picked up a new skill.

Our pastor & other church members have come out from time to time to help on this project.

Thanks to my brother in law for the door!

The finishing touches.

Retaining wall.

Backfilling & the airspace.

A gremlin??

Drainage is important.

We would like to thank God first for granting us the weather, supplies, & people. We had a difficult time working on His timetable rather than a faster paced one we were used to. This has granted us a different perspective, patience & further appreciation on our relience on Him.
Also Michael Bunker, for writing Surviving Off Off-Grid & putting our philosophy into words & answering all of our questions on his blogtalk radio show as we needed cellar advice, theological questions & the occasional needed rebuke. Iron sharpeneth iron & it's been a whet year. Ah, so I can't pun.
Our family from Mo. who came over for a working vacation.
The menfolk from Grace Community Church of the Foothills.
Especially my husband Mike who put in countless hours digging & sweating so I'll have a place to put food. It's been amazing to see God work through this cellar project. The deeper & more refined your hole got the faster your conversion goes & it's been humbling to see how much further I have to go in my own walk.

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Home Instead said...

Congratulations!!! What a great accomplishment. It looks great.