03 November, 2011

Humor in the Holler w/ a Tailypo

Just some fun things that are going on around here. Can you guess what these are? They have given us HOURS of entertainment.
We decorated our favorite library book w/ them. Seriously, we must have checked this book out 12 or 16 times but I know if we bought it they would never want to read it again.

The Tailypo!
Every page that could be done, we did it. Can you guess what they are?
Here's a hint.
They get dropped into my lap when I'm least expecting it, the cat hasn't grown tired of them after about 4 weeks & they're still not falling apart. They've been antlers & boot tails & I don't know what all else.
Here are V & C promoting the book w/ a cool cover. They watched this one on Netflix as I couldn't find a War of the Worlds set in the time the book was written. We are actually reading War of the Worlds at Victor's request & are halfway through it. He doesn't understand a word I'm saying through it so I ask him questions & explain it & new words every 2 paragraphs or so. He's into it.
Here they are being ninjas.

And this is Billy. If you have never seen a billy goat, you have not known fine entertainment. There is no mating in this video so rest easy. Our very obliging neighbor up the hill is letting us keep him for a month.

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