25 March, 2011

Spring Update

We've been sick this last week, but thankfully only on the gloomy blah days. It is wonderful to be healthy & working in the warm sunshine. I'm a day behind on everything this week but nothing has gone up in flames, so we're good.

Mike has started reading Surviving Off Off-Grid & we're having some serious conversations in fun. Training days for instance. We'd like to flip the breaker switch for a couple of days & see what we encounter & put a system in place to deal w/ it. We were thinking of putting a system for water in front of our culvert but while mucking out the goat shed I realized that there's probably a lot of run off that could potentially be harmful. I started to bring it up but he finished my sentence before it was out so we hope to find a different solution.


Mike has put up a new shed & turned the old shed into our new woodshed. He's anxious to get one hilly area cut & split so we can bulldoze it flat & plant a bit of pasture or orchard. Maybe chickens could run there too? We'd like to make a chicken tractor & find out. It's kind of like a lean-to & he's packed it full.

Here's the back view...

And I thought his closure very cleverly contrived. The shells don't snag the bungee cords like nails do.

We are actively searching for a billy goat. Annie is so big & getting more muscle-y looking every week. Abigail was a runt & though she is bigger I think we're going to hold off on breeding her until next year.

We had dentist appointments yesterday. Victors 6 year molars are poking through though he's just 5 & none of his front teeth are loose. The dentist was a goodly portion of our tax return & the cheapest one around. I think he specializes in pulling teeth. The guy in the room next to us was getting a tooth pulled. A rough looking couple in the waiting room were also there for teeth pulling. My sister in law had had an abscess & needed teeth pulled, she referred him to us.

This was the oldest dentist I've ever seen, easily 70. He worked fast & mercilessly & our teeth lightened several shades under his care. He used a very old dental unit & as I listened to the receptionist type I realized I was hearing the clacking of type-writer keys. He very satisfactorily told us that we would all have teeth in our heads for a very long time, barring accidents & that we weren't plaque traps. Hooray!

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