26 March, 2011

Book Bounce Information


I really like the feeling that the Babylon picture projects. The bottom picture doesn't have to be Tokyo; New York, Paris, Toronto, London, any city would fit the bill. Tokyo just happens to be the most recent example. New Orleans comes to mind as well.

Last month I promoted Michael Bunker's book, Surviving Off Off-Grid; there was a book bomb & a very successful one... 7 or 8 days before Japan's earthquake/tsunami/nuclear meltdown. From what I'm understanding of the feedback (Amazon reviews), nearly everyone is having scales dropped from their eyes after reading this book. And they are buying more to spread the word.

If you live in a city, this book will excellently suit you. If you're a survivalist/ zombie prepper this book applies to you as well & can greatly sharpen your focus. (I just threw the zombie thing out there but I know that that's a weird preparedness subculture.) If you're noticing the pinch at the checkout line & the fuel pump as other countries dump the dollar this book is for you. If you are a rabid Glen Beck fan (please, no) this book takes the gold & food insurance thing & really applies it w/ common sense. The whole book is common sense. After reading it you can see how naked the emperor really is, to use a tired metaphor.

Everyone w/ any means ought to buy this book. Read it & give it to your library. If you'll buy a manual for your car or a good cookbook so you know what to do & not go wrong, this book is along those lines in a "how to think" line. Collectively as a nation we don't know how to think anymore & that's why we've elected those who are there w/ maybe a very few exceptions.

I didn't mean to post another review, I just wanted to re post that Babylon picture again & the crux of this post is to inform any readers that there is to be a book bounce on April 15th. So go & buy it again on that day if you would. The book bomb was to get the book out there, but it's out & proving itself so well that the purpose of the book bounce is to make money.

I don't think Mr. Bunker is making a ton of money on this book. Large portions of it are even published for free over the internet. Amazon & Barnes & Noble have dropped the price for competitions sake. 100% of the proceeds from April 15th sales will go to advertising, he's thinking 1/2 page ad in the WSJ or Drudgereport or something. He's asking for everyone who has bought the book to please recruit 3 other buyers for that day. Mike & I have a couple of planned destinations for future copies, if you would do this, please do leave a comment, it's fun to see how grassroots can grow.:) All further info is at The Surviving Off Off-Grid website.

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