13 January, 2011

New Year Updates

These are our New Year's masks as the foil crowns were a bit pricey.

Nearly half way finished w/ the first month & things they are happening. We had a third heavy snow for the year. Lots of snow & wood chores. We're back into a school time routine & nearly finished w/ the first volume of Story of the World. I don't know about Victor, but I've learned alot. I'll buy the activity books when we go through it again. We finished the Uncle Maxwell Bible Story books in Dec. so we're starting at Creation again. Next year I hope to read straight scripture & they can follow along for their picture fix.

He can tie his shoes now. Charlotte is staying dry for about half of a week at a time. Miranda started pulling herself up yesterday. Mike is back in class. I looked around & saw about 20 unfinished projects laying around so I am jumping into them & crossing them off of my list to include... a new dress! I am excited to have something new but nervous; I am trying for a nursing dress but it is not a nursing pattern. The goats are little monsters & getting bigger to the point that Charlotte can't be outside w/ them. Hope every one is well & warm!

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