31 January, 2011

I Know, I Know

I know I've not been around much but it's because I've been writing. Clearly, not here & I am remiss. There are these funny stick things that leave marks that you touch to a flat non pixelated screen like thing called paper. Ha, I've been writing letters to people this winter & really have been enjoying it. That Netflix & grocery circular receptacle at the end of your drive will take them away & bring new ones in. Neat, yes?

I hope my handwriting has improved by this excercise, it is certainly a more deliberate form of communication. Try & imagine life w/out spellcheck. Or your spellcheck being named Webster. Email me if you want a penpal, I'll send my snail mail address.

Candy I don't know if you ever check in here, I know you've de-netted yourself. If you get lonely & want a letter please do email me, I'll send you a SASE.

I'll try to post once a week, I've a (another) new list system in place.

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