04 June, 2010

Prayer Closet/ Quiet Time

One of my favorite privileges as a housewife are the unexpected pockets of prayer. Right now, I am not up to waking up at 5:30 to read & pray. When I did do this I would usually fall asleep & feel angry & disappointed at myself. To escape the negative feelings, I pretty much just gave it up, this being before my conversion. Ironically enough, the more time saving inventions we've done away w/ the more time I have to pray. I have seen some people take literal closets & rooms & convert them for the sole purpose of prayer. I need all of the closet space I can get so I have not one, but two main prayer spaces. See top & my favorite:

I'm seldom alone out there as the baby seat testifies but she doesn't mind as long as I throw in a song, lol. And I'm sorry, the top picture means that any prayer time is prayed away & scrubbed up; this is what is usually going on if there is any praying to be done:

Have you got a spot?

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