20 June, 2010

Come Visit the Luxurious...

Mike has been working hard in his time off between semesters & to show for all of this we have... (drumroll please)


House of Goat is a beautiful 1 room luxury suite w/ walkout covered porch your human can fully stand up in & a mountain view straight up only 20 ft' away. Please don't eat the mountain laurel, it is poisonous. It features an extensive overhead hayloft guaranteed to hold a seasons worth (15 square bales?) of hay. This elegant structure is painted in a very pleasing sky blue & is very pleasantly located beside a spring fed branch which appears to be running all year long.

Here are Mike & Victor starting out putting pieces together. Victor doesn't always like to play gopher but I'm proud when he sticks to it for a couple of hours. I had to help him raise some walls & lift a temporary roof on but he did the majority. We still need to get some kind of feeding system in place & a milking stand, but we'll likely not be having pregnant goats until next year.

My brother in law is a great visualizer, he's the one that designed & helped Mike build my pantry too. This is him after figuring out the best way to make the roof w/ the materials we had. He's a lot thinner too, so I felt better about him being up on the roof, lol. Here, House of Goat is structurally finished. Unhappily it rained quite a bit before we got the roof on & our tarps leaked so the plywood started to warp or peel or whatever it is wet plywood does.

There is a store down from my in-laws house, The Bargain Barn & it was mentioned that paint was to be had there. I took the children on a scouting trip after our hoof trimming day. The proprieter said he'd make a good deal on paint for us, $1.00 a can as he was closing down the store. He gave Charlotte a doll & Victor a sword, I think just get rid of things. Charlotte was in awe; I spent an awe-ful hour detangling doll hair. You know the kind of dolls I'm talking about.

We had no money on us but said we'd be back the next day. What w/ this & that, we ended up not getting back until next week. He gave us all the paint we wanted for free, he didn't want to have to store it, so Mike got all of the exterior paint there was. We didn't know what color we'd end up w/ but figured the goats wouldn't be picky. He also sold us a loft bed for $40.00 after telling me he'd take $75.00, so we got that for Victor. We've been phasing him into his own room this week.

Though Mike has kicked Miranda out of the bassinet into her crib this week too (apparently she's a very kicky sleeper, I don't wake up unless my milk needs to get out). Her crib is still in Victor's room, I need to put it in The Girl's Room. Oh, that's the first time I've said that. I did unpack the penultimate box from our move this week, it was our pictures. I hung my 2 princess pictures in their room, since we now knew whose rooms were going to be whose. I'll try to post room pictures later. Here is Mike realizing his worst nightmare as a decky: (deck hand on an army vessel)

But here is the finished product of all his hard work:

And the happy occupants!

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Anonymous said...

i just wanted you to know that i read your blog all of the time and keep up with everything! my favorite is the story about charolettes potty adventure!love you adrian