16 May, 2010

Sewing Adventures

AHHHHH, IT'S FINISHED!!! I finally finished Charlotte's dress, & though it's a very small dress, the way I get to things it still took a month to finish. She kept wanting to wear it before it was anywhere near done, that tickled my vanity to no end. I made it big enough so that DV it'll last 2 years before being handed down. Provided it outlasts the washings. I committed the cardinal sin of dressmaking & neglected to prewash my fabric before hand. This is actually not the first time I've made this dress, it's a Common Sense pattern, the Empire dress. http://www.commonsensepatterns.com/

Yes, they are different now. But this is the first dress I made w/ it.

Goodness, she's gotten so big, I took that picture last fall, that dress is nearly to her knees now. Sigh. Anyways, it was good practice & I found out my true thoughts about the pattern. I don't like it. Rather I like the picture of it, just not the dress I made. It could be the fabric, it was some quilting cotton I had left over. No I don't quilt, I just like the prints. This has led Mike to remark that several of my dresses make me look like a tablecloth. I have a hard time visualizing to the finished product. End rabbit trail.

The first dress looks like a tropical prairie ball dress from the 80's. (The new one is a modern tropical ball dress? I liked the colors for her.) The puffed sleeves are very puffy. The back ties were too short though I used the largest size the pattern had.I don't know what I did, but that neckline is very tight to pull over the head & it's a little low in the back, kind of a little girls regency (think 1810's) neckline. I forgot the interfacing at the neckline for this one too, all of my creations have a fairly big flaw, though I'm finally (somewhere around 10 creations later) making smaller & fewer mistakes. So here's her new dress:

This is the dress where I have finally felt myself to be creative master & confident enough to hack at a pattern. Like anything I make for her, it starts out ankle length so it can grow w/ her. I'm figuring on putting 1 or 2 tucks in it later on, but I really wanted to give it to her since she was stroking it every time she walked by proclaiming "Ress!" Mike hated the sleeves so I ommitted them entirely & tried my hand at bias binding. That's what all the blue edges are called. What a pain that is! I made them too narrow, & so had to redo them several times, but it worked out. I don't know what kind of fabric it is, I lost the slip; it's some kind of stiff weave. It felt as if it could get sweaty so instead of the interfacing, I just lined the bodice w/ cotton broadcloth, the same as her bias trim & sash.

The neckline is plenty big now & was something else I learned I could do. It's ok. to draw your own pattern pieces! Like the pockets. She loves pockets & goes around chanting "Pockie, pockie", hands in her pockets, but not in front pockets, so those had to go too. I made side seam pockets out of the same broadcloth. The sash I drew & made was actually too big for the bodice, it went right up past the armholes so I gathered it at the middle & side seams. It's my favorite part of the dress.

She & daddy were very pleased w/ the dress & I've decided that's why I like sewing. My food gets eaten up, my clean house never stays that way, but making something w/ your hands is a concrete testament of your diligence & creativity. No wonder our foremothers indulged in fancy work. I've not got the patience for it, though I'd like to someday.


Andrea said...

Your precious Charlotte is so beautiful! I have three little granddaughters, and I love it!

Thank you for sharing your faith and love of family! "In Christ Alone" is one of my favorite songs.

Many blessings,


Home Instead said...

Excellent job. It's so pretty! Do you know I haven't been swimming in years and the Peyton has never gone, because I never finished her swimsuit. I have to do something this summer, so she can finally go swimming. Did you make Charlotte a swimsuit?

Mrs. V said...

Thanks Andrea!
No, I've not got a suit made for Charlotte either. I needed one ASAP last spring so I bought one of the scuba like suits, pink & green swim pants & a shirt. No outdoor pools around here that I know of, everyone swims in the TVA lakes. Mike, who has always swimmed in oceans disdains lakes to no end so I don't know what our swimming future looks like.