10 May, 2010

Random Bits

What a fun week we've had! I got most of the windows clean. I've still got 2 bedrooms & the inside of our bathroom to do. My windows are high too, taller than our 12' ladder on the outside, so that was an almost daring adventure. I like cleaning windows because it's a good excuse to buy the Iwanna's. Everything under the sun in the area for sale. In Newport News it was called The Trading Post.

Before I figured out how to get the inside top panes off I was breaking my arm turning sideways to get the inside between the panes(double panes w/ the width of the sill between)swearing I would get a squeegee by the time fall came around. Then they just came off & I could clean it comfortably in 3 min. as opposed to an agonizing 10.

And it's like crystal! I fully expect some birds to meet their ends w/ my clean windows. I had one do that on the sliding deck door at our old house. BAM! Flew into the door & snapped its neck. I think it's wrong to feel pride that a creature met its demise due to my sparkling clean windows, but I did. It was also a good opportunity to let Victor see death first hand in a non-scary way. Anyways I generally hate cleaning windows & expect to relegate them to the normal 6 month interval.

I attended a baby shower on Sat., but instead of playing all those stupid cutesy games we went around the room & everyone prayed for something specific for the baby. It was nice & very sensical, I really enjoyed it.

Victor got a wicked rugburn on Wed. I was so thankful it was nothing worse. He was racing his smallest Tonka truck around at full speed & one end ramped up on my sewing machine pedal & he somehow flipped over it & scraped his face hard along the carpet from forehead to nostril. His rugburn wasn't showing up so bad at first & he was bleeding from the inside of his nose; I was sure he had broken it. He's really been basking in all of the attention it has garnered him.


It's not as bad on the computer as it looks in real life. We've got a salve w/ an olive oil, beeswax base, wheat germ & something else. It works great on burns & diabetic bedsores though I've never tested it on the latter. Herbal Mender it's called.

We had a family over for lunch today after church, it was fun. We had no tv to distract us & spent some time getting to know one another a bit more. Their son is a month older than Charlotte. Victor was such a good host sharing his toys & showing him things & I was very pleased because the boy was younger. He's not been such a good host when his guests are older & thinks it's ok to just randomly jump on them, attack them & try to start fights just to play. There was no quiet time today but still they did really good.

My niece has been staying w/ us this weekend, she's been really great playing w/ the children & teaching them fun outside bat & ball type games. She's 17 & we've been having lots of girl talk. I in no way, shape or form miss being 17. But it's fun being reminded & it doesn't seem so long ago.

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