03 April, 2010

A Summery Spring

It was hot yesterday! As in 100 degrees hot & let me tell you 100 mountain degrees is much more comfortable than 80 on the peninsula in Va. where we moved from. We lived about 20 miles from Jamestown & Mike & I would often comment that it was no wonder the settlers died en masse; I can't imagine wearing only wool & chain mail in Aug. in that swamp.
But it was a fairly dramatic swing, it was 38 when I watered the garden & trees, 101 before sunset. I had spread the clothes & diapers on the deck & they dried in 2 hours.
We had the windows open; one of our goals here is to not have to use the AC. Our thermostat in Va. was set to 80; I would open & close the windows & blinds on the appropriate side of the house throughout the day & it was still fairly close if you were inside all day. Coming inside from the outside is another story. 80 was bliss. I've had assurances that it does get humid here, but we'll see.

Mike was outside all day yesterday. I know he doesn't want to mow & now we technically don't have to. However, there look to be many snake holes by our stream where the children like to play & tall grass would only compound the problem. We threw around the idea of goats vs. a cow & could our front yard support that? We settled on goats & he went out back & spent all day w/ the machete hacking out a place to house some animals. We hope to have some chickens by May's end; they're all over Craigslist for cheap, different breeds too. We figure they can live in the trucks camper shell. That's it for now, plants need water.

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