26 March, 2010

March Madness

Goodness, but we're busy. Daylight Savings has sent us awry; we are just getting to where we're supposed to be this week instead of everyone sleeping until 8:30. Miranda is a night owl, but once she's down it's for the night.

Our garden for the year is underway:

We've got strawberries, garlic, lettuce, onions & carrots in so far. Our land has almost no topsoil, so Mike ordered a dumptruck of mixed fill dirt & fine mulch. They came in 2 separate unmixed trips leaving us to do it by hand the old fashioned way. We're very grateful to have it; I think our land grows mostly rocks.

Our schooling is a bit off & of a practical nature. For instance, w/ the carseats/ booster, Victor got bumped to the back. Well after 2 weeks of climbing to the back to buckle him we had a pretty long lesson just on buckling himself in. Lots of that. Learning to wipe himself w/out a checkup, staying focused long enough to give himself a bath, etc. He is distracted terribly easily & really needs someone to guide him back to the task almost constantly. Not being rebellious, just interested in everything. Here's a more fun lesson on changing the oil.

Diapers are something else I didn't expect to be quite so overwhelming. Every child is in cloth diapers & each has their own system. Miranda is in the wraps & flatfolds. Charlotte is in the training panties w/ a diaper liner for added absorbency, & Victor is in them only at night (yay!), w/ a prefold & my homemade flannel diaper folded into some larger underwear. I wake him up to pee as I go to bed & sometimes w/ that he'll be dry all night like last night. More often than not it isn't so & he's still asleep even standing in front of the toilet waking only when he's climbing the ladder on the return trip. He sleeps very hard.

Miranda is a month old & filling out. She's a very serious baby. Mike & I have heard her laugh & seen her smile but she only does those as she sleeps. I got a backback Snugli for her off of ebay so I can have 2 hands free for food prep. She vastly prefers it to the Hotsling & so does my back. I used it yesterday as we went to the flea market (high entertainment here, 3 whole counties turn out every weekend), Mike said he heard some complimentery comments about it. We got 2 peach trees, a plum & cherry. I need to get our apple seedlings back, the family has been waching them for us as we moved. Probably we'll be cutting down some not not so useful trees up front, there's a weird gnarly nut tree & a willow by the stream that can go.

Here's Miranda at about 2 weeks.

She had terribly long nails at birth. I tried to cut them twice & twice I nicked her, so it was mitten hands for the first 2 weeks until the nails would let me get under them. I've got more to say but nary a moment to say it.


Anonymous said...

Even with trimmed nails, my babies would still manage to scratch their faces, so all mine had socks on their hands.

I was afraid of nicking, so I always trimmed my babies nails with my teeth. I would just bit their nails short, and I noticed that this also left their nail edge much duller than if I used clippers, which left a sharp edge on the nail.

I know what you mean about heavy sleepers and bed wetting. I have a few of those types of kiddos myself. I also have one who gets distracted easily too.

Home Instead said...

I'm glad you're all well. Miranda is very pretty. It's fun to have another little girl to dress up. God Bless you all.