05 January, 2010

New Year's & Victor's First Church Service

2010 & no more holidays at last! We didn't do too much for New Year's, I baked alot. The children napped until 5 & they stayed up until 9:30 on the eve. Victor thought that was the coolest, Mike had a fire outside w/ his friend & brother & Victor stayed out for quite a bit w/ the men. He shot his snowman (or the last remaining ball) & was very pleased w/ himself. We had home-made pizza for supper on the china. I bought a lemon & made a lemon chiffon pie, & lemon glazed butter cake. I love lemon deserts! They were for our breakfast. I also made a breakfast casserole during their long nap so it was ready to pop in the oven when we woke up. My letting them stay up late plan didn't work out, they were up at 7:30 w/out my having set their alarm. Excepting Mike, the rest of us stayed up to watch Zombie Land. I'm not a zombie movie fan, but they were more of a back drop to the story, it was mostly funny. We went out to shoot guns at midnight & immediately crashed. Ha, we're old.

Everyone ravaged my breakfast which does me good to see, & then went out for an FTX (field training exercise). They had scenarios & targets & 1 guy would set them up in different places for different missions, etc. They came in soaked & cold, silly men. Mike's friend is a Marine sniper (he is an ex-Marine but I write it like that because once a Marine always a Marine, right?) from the first Gulf War & I made fun of them for missing the service. He's really helped us out alot, running fence & helping us set posts. They had more coffee, the rest of the desserts & watched Zombie Land again, since Mike had missed it. It was fun!

Victor has been fascinated w/ all of the churches around here, there are alot everywhere. Most of them have steeples, so they're conspicuous. So I promised to to take him to one some Sun. I found a Mennonite church a town over & figured they wouldn't look askance at my head-covering, but I could not find the place. I wanted to try again next week, but he was so disappointed, I figured we would head to the little white 1 room country church right up the road from our house. They're Baptist & it's on our way home.

The parking lot was packed. It's a small lot to begin w/ but I was struck w/ how very nice alot of the cars were. Newer & very clean. We could hear the singing from the outside which excited Victor to no end. "Mommy, it's a usical church!" He always leaves the m off for whatever reason. We walked in from the tiny vestibule & found all of the black people. It was a bit of a shock, as we've been black deprived. I would say a good 50% of our old neighborhood & town was black w/ a good sprinkling of Korean. This place is pretty homogeneous. In order, I think it is predominantly white, Hispanic, black & Cherokee.

It was a very small church, very full up. It was not like the black church I attended back in Mo. w/ my dad. There the men wore purple & teal suits & the women all in hats. It was very intimate there, the preacher assigned us readings from the Bible & we had a discussion & review at the end. There were no flashy clothes here, but lots of shouting which reminded me of my Pentacostal upbringing. Everyone was very friendly in this church & made us feel welcome. They lined the songs which Victor had never heard of but we enjoyed. Then the sermon started.

I confess, I was disappointed in the sermon. The Bible wasn't opened & it was mostly a prosperity pep rally, which surprised me. I mean this was a tiny church, not more than 12 wooden pews. I hadn't wanted to take Victor to a big church because I hadn't wanted him to hear that God is nothing more than a name it & claim it wishing fairy. I expected more old time religion from its whitewashed facade. A bummer all in all, but it was nice to get out & meet people.

Mike is going crazy in the house & at times begs me to get out for my own good. He never realized that my leaving the house once a week for groceries or library books was just once a week, period. And all in 1 morning so we can be back in time for lunch & Charlotte's nap. That is how I would use up only 1/2 a tank of gas once a month in Va. We left early today because I had an extra store to squeeze in, the Wal-Mart. I've only been there once before so we had to look around a bit to find what we were looking for. From there to the library w/ dinosaurs as our objective & on to Aldi's from there. More later!

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