28 December, 2009

Snow Edition

We've been pretty snowbound these last 2 weeks. Though we can now leave, our drive is still iced over, though I'm hoping tomorrow we'll see the last of it for awhile. The van got completely stuck at one time & was unusable for 2 or 3 days. I get very nervous driving on ice. I have been thanking God many times for that giant truck of Mike's.
Mike said he's not seen a snow like what we got several weeks ago since he was in Bosnia, but he was driving a tank there. Apparently after driving a tank you will never be afraid of driving anything any where again. All of my driving experience took place on the far edge of Va. where snow is generally a laughable thing. Now I must learn to master a steep ice coated driveway w/ a creek on either side.
At any rate, his behemoth truck has enabled us to do many many things that would have been impossible. He even towed a guy from Charlotte to town whose car just couldn't make the hill. He was able to meet a friend for breakfast the next day to help him out w/ something & I guess I-40 looked like a post apocalyptic nightmare. Anyway, here we are.

I think I may have finally figured out pictures & how to cut & paste. I didn't realize what HTML was, but now I can put things up in order that I couldn't figure out before. More pictures!

Bowing trees that have since been slain...

Buried cars...

This is the back view. The metal shed couldn't take the weight & its roof collapsed.

Trying to figure out how this is a toy from God.

NOT happy. The snow came up to her hips once she left the tire tracks. Poor Charlotte has been housebound longer than anybody. I've never seen her so excited to go to the grocery store a week later.

This is what they prefer. Victor had stayed out longer w/ Daddy to shovel out the trucks & clean off the stairs & when Charlotte was down for her nap Mike tried to shoot down the shed & supplied us w/ an expression for this snow peasant.

We've been very thankful to God for keeping the lights on. We do have provision for kerosene & battery lanterns & the house is wonderfully bright w/ the snow's reflection, but we're not in a position to prepare ourselves as well as we would like. Our only backup for heat is a kerosene heater & kerosene isn't cheap around here. We do plan on getting a wood stove when their prices come down in spring or summer. We need a lot of sunlight being taken up by the trees right now.

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Home Instead said...

I love your home!!! All the trees and snow it is wonderful. I hope to visit you one day. The children are getting so big. I miss you all so much. Thanks for the pictures.