07 August, 2009

I've had so much to blog about it overwhelmed me & never got done. Last month in a nutshell...

-Our house is on the market.
-My sister had her 3rd baby in the car.
-We are likewise unexpectedly expecting #3, about 11 weeks now.
-Husband has been outprocessing & has officially been a civilian for 3 & 1/2 hours now. Victor is trying to persuade him to grow mutton chops.
-Lots to do to downsize & vanilla up our yard. We have a rainwater collection system in place, the main garden is down, & the children & I have slowly but surely getting the raised beds down. The homeowners association finally noticed my clothesline after 4 years & spoke to me about it. I knew it was illegal, but the dryer was eating Victors diapers, so up it went. They asked me to make sure the next owner had no access to it. Appliances convey on our listing, I had thought about adding solar clothes dryer, but I guess not.

Victor is going to start some kind of schooling routine this year, I ordered the Rod & Staff pre-K. It ought to suffice for K too, they don't seperate them. I got him some little Jewel Bird books too, we borrowed some from a friend & we really enjoyed them. That's all for now, some pics & we're off to the library.
If anyone know how to post pics where you want them I could use help. I upload them & they kind of just land wherever they may, but not w/ out a lot of frustration.

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