16 June, 2009

The Overthrown Throne

Cid showed me a picture of a composting toilet in a Countryside ad last night & suggested we try it. After my initial horrified reaction & some internet research, I'm completely sold. Alot of toilets are handmade for $25, & they are BEAUTIFUL. . Others are just toilet lids on a 5 gal. bucket w/ a pail of sawdust sitting by. I was very suprised at the amount of passion written into the articles over a toilet. The Humanure book seems to have started it all. Cid is adamant about modern amenities built into the homestead, but the fact that everything I've read calls them odor free & no septic tank or leach field is required, plus all of the free garden goodness he too is sold. Did you know that the average family of 4 flushes 150,000 gal. of drinking water down the toilet every year? More colonized thinking. Apparently, there are alot of them in Finland.
As an aside, we've named the RV Mountain Schooner, so we're properly christianed. DV we end up in the mountains, otherwise we'll re-think it.

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