08 June, 2009

Fruitless Sunday

Yesterday was a looong day. We were out of the door by 8 to look at a camper in Chesapeake. Chesapeake is across the water & in the middle of the Great Dismal Swamp; we saw a Bear Xing sign! That was a new one. I've now seen Moose Xing in Ak., Panther Xing in Fl. & now a bear. Virgina, once you get away from the megalopolis is really a very pretty state (commonwealth). There must be a rule against billboards outside of city limits because there are blessedly few, mostly tall pines. I still would not want to live in a swamp, the canal is almost level w/ the road.The first camper we looked at was a 96' cobra, 29 feet. It had the bare necessities of everything we needed, 2 bunks for children, a tub to bathe them in & bonus for me, an oven. I did not like the dirty teal blue carpet, but the couch was soft & for $8500, it (I thought) was doable. Cid hated the carpet, the couch placement & is big on storage. Also he found some water damage. We then drove to Va. Beach, had a brunchy meal & hung out at a park until our 1:00 appt. for the second camper. It was an 03', $12,000, 28 feet & smelled so new that plastic was the predominate first impression. It was prettier & spartan, but the floor plan was identical & there was even less floor space than the Cobra. We drove home tired & discouraged. Poor Cid, I know what he's looking for & what he would sacrifice for his family. Cid has so many wonderful qualities but patience w/ loud babies in close quarters for a year isn't anywhere near the top. He'll do it if he has too, but I know how much he would be sacrificing. After naps I got on Craigslist again & just typed in bunkhouse. That yielded nothing that we could use so I typed in bunk house. Success! A 30.5 foot 92' camper that had passed inspection in May for $6,500. The add listed a ton of brand new things, resealed roof, new tires, AC in the last 30 days, all kinds of things. Cid was out on the deck smoking, I carried the laptop out & started, though I figured it wasn't a good time. "I know your probably not in the mood for this now, but check out this 30' bunkhouse that passed inspection in May. It's probably lime green & hot pink since it's a 92', but there's a bunch of stuff." He sighed, read the ad & stoically said "Call him now." He liked it!

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Cherishing Young Biblical Womanhood said...

I'm excited for you that your dream is coming true!!! I guess homesteading won't involve the internet? You'll have to get a post office box, I'll commit to snail mail if you will!! Talk to ya soon.