03 May, 2016

The Patriarchy is Alive

I have seen this game being played twice after our small group. After we've broken for supper & we're standing around chatting, this weird kingdom springs up. It is ruled by King Victor. His court consists of a guitar playing bard, a stewardess awaiting to crown his chosen, an ally awaiting a bride & 3 princesses vying for the position.

A dancing princess hoping to be chosen for Prince Micaiah. He is the nobleman wielding the rifle. There is so much unconventionality & throw back in this game & I think it's pretty funny to find this kind of game being played by 3 different families in 2016. The grownups didn't interfere. We'll likely not be choosing husbands for our daughters, but check back in a decade or two.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How creative and fun !!!! They are blessed with great imagination !
Gramma Bev