20 December, 2015

The Rain is Raining

all around
It falls on field & tree.
It rains on the umbrellas here
And on the ships at sea.

Hey! Instead of doing dishes (which I'm already proficient at) I just learned how to use paint on regular pictures! You're probably shaking you're head at that, but I'm excited for Mike to get home so I can show him. I mentioned our root cellar caving in in another post. We had so much rain this fall I thought I'd show the carnage. All of these yellow arrows are sinkholes. Since I've taken this picture Mike has taken all of the dirt off of the cellar roof to get a better idea of what we're dealing w/ & filled in the sinkholes w/ cellar dirt. We then had another 3 days of rain & they have sunk even deeper.

There are one or two more on the other side of the birdbath. This one by the birdbath opened up underneath Charlotte, it's knee deep to her. Kind of freaky.

I'm not sure how much the rain plays a part but our house is noticeably uncoupling along its marriage line. The join that joins our 2 halves together is a visible ridge in the living room & there are 2 lumps rising up through the dining room carpet, I think from the foundation piers. I don't know how much it costs to level a house & if we'd even want to do that. If it lasts until the children are grown & out we'll probably just get it hauled away & retreat to build one of those tiny home shacks in the woods somewhere. Here's the excavated cellar roof:

And the view from inside:
He's done some damage control to stop further rain pouring in until we can figure out what to do w/ it. The cellar was so moldy we didn't store food; store bought cans rusted fairly quickly in there. Hating wasted space we thought of making it into a smokehouse but the smoke didn't kill the mold. It was moldy as in moldering stalactite mold w/ cave crickets & giant spiders & the occasional toad everywhere. Then I thought it would be a fine family crypt. An opossum went through the vent pipe & melted into the floor in less than a week so I thought it would be ideal but all of the rain crushing the roof undid that idea. So now we've got walls in the ground & nothing else we'll try again when we're able.

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