04 March, 2014

Big Snow for the Year

One of the perks (& occasional curses) of having a mother in law that's a frequent thrift store shopper are the full wardrobes of clothes she buys, sometimes years in advance before they're needed. We are never lacking for clothes & even the odd extreme weather outfit. Thanks to her all of the girls have snow suits. Miranda was so happy to grow into one she requested a picture w/ her "lion hair".

Leora's first snow! I love snow, but mostly for the extra cozy feeling it gives me while inside. I don't want to go out. I LOVE the light in the house, snow-light is rare but beautifies the inside so much. Moony snow light is an especial rare treat for me. This picture was actually taken on the 3rd day of snow. I suited her up after a nap & plunked her down to for documentation in her baby book.

Leora & Kit-Kat's picture was snapped on the shadowy spot behind Mirantor. That cut keeps the drive shaded & protects the snow & ice on the drive a good 2 weeks later than any one else I know around here. But by the time I snapped these it was almost 65.

More super heroes.

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