11 February, 2014

Supper Preferences

Mike & the children have vastly different tastes when it comes to meals. Both appreciate presentation, but in different ways. This was such a hit I decided to make it the point of its own blog post. When Mike has class & he's not here this is something they like.

It's nothing more than plain home made yogurt layered parfait style w/ fruit salad in fancy plastic cups my mother-in-law gave. We raided my button tin to make wine charms, so everyone has their own.  We also received an unexpected deluge of matzo, so several sheets of that. But spread w/ olive oil, garlic salt, & italian blend herbs made it downright delicious. They also like candles.

Mike likes basic stand-bys w/ side dishes & I really try to take that into consideration & make it happen though I am a one pot cook by nature. In this picture the children hate salad so they get dippers & someone is eating the lunch they didn't finish instead. Charlotte is going through the weirdest phase where she won't chew meat though this is meat loaf. Candles for Mike are only welcome if the power is out.

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