07 January, 2014


These past couple of months I have been in an anti-blogging mood. I would think of it & get absolutely resentful; I'm not sure that's passed. Mr. Herrick Kimball over at The Deliberate Agrarian posted a video of a BBC special on an Amish family that I really enjoyed.  Actually, he didn't now that I look for it, he posted Trouble in Amish Paradise. Mr. Kimball posts some great, thought provoking subjects. I don't recall where I linked to for BBC's Amish: A Secret Life. What has stuck w/ me the most besides the wonderful revival going on in plain communities (I assume that's what a lot of the exiles going on are about) are Mr. Lapp's words concerning the internet & other electronic gadgets being a distraction. They surely have been in our house. I've got Eph. 5:15-17 taped by the computer. Mrs. Sifford wrote a great convicting post a while back on Redeeming the Time.

Our house is descending into a technological black hole as it is. Our cordless phones hold a charge for 10 min. at the most. Our corded phone is what we've all gotten used to not having; a tether that doesn't allow multi-tasking during calls. I don't think it's bad to give undivided attention for a phone call, but w/ 4 smalls, it's not a good idea for anything longer than 5 min. It's mounted by the computer to run through the modem so if someone calls for me (which is rare) it distracts Mike from his work on the computer. He's got low latent inhibition as it is, if he is doing work as opposed to surfing, it drives him batty. Our modem tends to go out pretty often, up to 30 sec.-2 hours, also making the line staticy during talking & not auto-saving during a blog post.
Our printer also has quit printing, though it is still useful as a copy machine. Our tv set is in cahoots w/ the dvd player & cycles on & off, not even giving the satisfaction of turning it off & walking away. We did find the camera (did I mention that earlier?), so here are pictorial updates:

She is an accomplished walrus like cruiser & is cutting her top fangs. We're staying warm, you should do the same if able.

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