04 September, 2013

11 Years!

Here we are getting more wrinkled than when we started. Mike got us a new camera from the pawn shop & I'm still figuring it out, a lot of the pictures I snapped this month are fuzzy around the edges. He's on w/ the fire department & beards conflict w/ the respirators, hence his shave.

My wonderful sister-in-law & niece came over so we could go out. He took me to a BBQ place on the river. We split a rack of ribs, let Leora taste horseradish & ice water & walked along the river. She liked both, by the way.

Afterwards we went to visit a friend who had had a heart attack. Every time we've gone over before she's been resting, this time she was up cooking for an army. Just joking, but there was a pan of baked beans, a tray of deviled eggs, a chicken boiling, home made dumplings & something else. She's the soul of generosity. She made sure we left w/ chicken quarters & 8 dresses she'd picked up at the thrift store for Leora w/ the promise of last years blueberries when she cleans out her freezer.

We went home in time to do the chores, put children to bed & visit w/ the in laws. It was a nice evening to the end of a nice week.


The Price Family said...

Congrats and I don't see any wrinkles!!! You guys look young! You still have that pregnant glow (;

withajoyfulheart said...

Congratulations on reaching 11 years together! Glad you were able to celebrate. Oooh, shaving really changes a man's look doesn't it?! My son will be 16 next month, and we are finally allowing him to stop shaving his peach fuzz...he is happy :) guess I'll adjust lol.