08 August, 2013

Helmet Head

I had to stop & consider at the choice of my title, since most people won't know what it's about. Helmet head is the shape of your hair after wearing a kevlar all day, like hat-head. We've not got any kevlars lying around but Victor wanted a helmet so, so, badly & was frustrated at the shape of boxes at Aldie's; he thought there would be a head-sized round one & my explanation on the practicalities of shipping freight in polygons went unappreciated by him. Mike helped him out as best he could.

And he was pleased w/ the result! I didn't get a picture of Miranda's, hers is round, a coffee can I think. They live in his cardboard/wooden armory, complete w/ shields, swords & bows. All of the plastic weapons are in his footlocker. He wanted a picture, so here's there's the it of write up to go w/ it.

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