06 July, 2013

June in Review/ Baby Pictures

It's been a month w/ no blogging. I've got a lot of posts lined up that I set out in May & I don't know when I'll get to them, but here are some requested pictures from Leora's birth. June 5th, Charlotte's b-day too. Showing Uncle Kevin her re-useable stickers...

enjoying cherry berries...

& her purple dress picture had to wait, labor was picking up when they dropped by to visit.

that afternoon Leora showed up.

Here we are about 5 hours later, home from the hospital.

The day after birth. She's still pretty bruised & swollen, but I caught a little sleep smile!

First tub bath.

All soft & cross eyed.

They all love her, the girls especially.

4th of Julyish.

Seriously, they love her & run to her crying, not away.

A week old, I think.

He's over his disappointment!

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The Price Family said...

How precious! Thank God!!!