25 April, 2013

The 200th Post

I started this blog in October of 09' & my blogger dashboard has informed me that this is my 200th post. You can see how consistent of a blogger I am. It's been fun & though I've not been as regular w/ it as I'd have liked I am glad that I've not given it up.

 I did give up writing things & thoughts out in long hand in my diary as it was too much to keep up a public & private correspondence but I've found that talking to real people makes real friends. I started my diary when I was 17 & didn't have any real friends & it served me well as a sounding board. Occasionally I'll still scribble but more often now I find myself able to talk to people as I'm not as intensely private as I was. I enjoy the people & fellowship I've "met" w/, really met w/ & written to (in longhand via snail mail) through blogging & feel that I've made some friends across the country that otherwise wouldn't have happened. So I'm not a Luddite.

I just thought that I'd put it out there & am thankful for the people God has put in my path through this medium.


The Price Family said...

It is definitely a blessing to find other women seeking The Lord! We don't have muh Godly fellowship around here (Mississippi) so I am always watching out for like minded folks on the Internet. I was wondering if you ever posted your testimony? I would love to read it, but haven't had the chance to look through your old posts!

Mrs. V said...

I actually don't think I have. It's striking you brought that up because the same week I was asked to share that at church on a during a Sharing Sunday. I'll have to type it up.

The Price Family said...

Great! I ll be watching for it! I hope The Lord blesses you with a safe delivery!