04 April, 2013

Tangy Tangerine Review

My brother in law is a dealer for Youngevity. My mother in law buys from him & she gifted me w/ a canister of Beyond Tangy Tangerine. He swore I could toss out my prenatals but after a quick scan I don't think that's wise. This stuff has 100x your daily allowance for random minerals you've never heard of. Excepting folic acid & calcium. Meh, I drink milk instead. I am a big cynical skeptic of anything that is originally heard of from the Alex Jones show; I still am. But there were some differences I noticed right away.

Firstly I'm only taking half of the recommended amount, but after 10 minutes my pee had the brightest green glow I've ever seen, exceeding even the Hydroxycut/ Ephedrin pill popping days of my misguided youth. After 24 hours my pregnancy induced gingivitis was gone. Nary a bleeding gum at tooth washing time & it's looked like a blood bath in there every evening for the last 4 months. That's very interesting, I thought. What else?

Well another side affect of increasing pregnancies, advancing maternal age & bad genetics (both grandma's) are an increase in varicose veins. But they had gone over to the varicosities stage 2 babies ago & were fairly painful, as long as my heart would continue to beat & I had bought a vascular support aid. The throbbing was gone in 2 days. My leg still looks like it belongs to a 65 year old woman but it does feel better & I've not needed the support except on a big hiking day.

I don't have the tons of energy my sister in law is experiencing but she's always been high energy & not 7 months pregnant. My brother in law said I would notice some appetite suppression but that has not been the case & I'm not looking for that at this time in my life anyways. It doesn't have a good or bad taste. Not something to crave but not something to retch over either. I mix it w/ about 2 oz. of juice & top off my pint w/ water. If it's just straight water I add an extra stevia pack. I'm pretty pleased w/ it & am trying to make it last to the end of my term though we'll not be buying it when it runs out.

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