28 February, 2013

Growing Bugs

If you remember me writing about our apple orchard trip last fall I had mentioned that I was going to try my hand at drying apples. I made applesauce, (My best batch yet. It didn't last long) but I wanted to try something something new. I had great success, dried them, hung them for kitchen decor & forgot about them. Victor, who eats at the head of the table remarked a week or so ago that he saw worms in the apples. This is probably why the old-timers sulphered theirs, I skipped that step having no idea where to procure sulpher. I looked, but for the life of me I couldn't see worms anywhere, though I could see evidence of them; tiny apple crumbs. This calls for replacing all of our morning raisins w/ apples & science!

Mike had taken Victor on a field trip to meet an archaeologist but as they got there too early they hit up the next door thrift store & Mike him this bug cage & a castle book. Victor was going to use it as a prison for Cobra but happily this came along first.

On the first day of eating apples 2 small meal looking worms dropped onto the counter so into the prison they went. I threw in a goodly pinch of corn masa as my bag was full of weevily looking bugs.

My weevily masa got too weevily so I dumped it out to the ever appreciative chickens.

I've been rinsing/rubbing each apple individually under warm running water every morning before adding to our oat meal or cream of wheat. As fell the worms so to the prison they went. I stopped at 5 & started killing them after that, we only need so much science. We've only got 1 serving left so I'm going to make muffins w/ them, I never did have enough to turn into fried apple pies.

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