20 January, 2013

Feral Feline Friends...& Garfield

Mike is a smoker & say what you will, there are benefits to smoking, though perhaps not physical ones. He sees way more wild life than we do, sees the constellations change all year round, gets more prayer time in & has tamed befriended a wild cat. The Predator/ Mr. Peepers is now on our payroll. By that I simply mean that we are paying for food for 3 cats & the dead critters in the yard that Buck & Kit Kat don't claim we attribute to her.

She (is definitely a she) lives under our house & her camouflage is even more magnificent when seen up close. Her fur is dull, not shiny & coarse & brushy. Mike has had her on his lap & attests to the fact that she is solid, though she has visibly filled out since we've started her on kibble. He started feeding her at the end of Nov. & got her to come up on the deck for food a which point he decided to name her Fiona. She fights the other 2 & they don't go near her. He tried petting her & at first she would just attack his hand. Then she would accept his touch & rub against him & attack his hand. Now she rubs all over him & will stay in his lap for half a second before jumping out.

She skitters halfway down the steps when she sees it's me feeding her but I don't have a cigarette to keep me outside so I pretty much leave her to herself. Neither of us has tried to pet her while she's eating. And, like Kit Kat she eats anything, not just cat food which endears her to me more. A cat that will eat the oatmeal scrapings w/ relish is a cat to enjoy.

Another cat has been reintroduced into my life through Victor. We'd not been to the library for awhile so I went to my book shelf & pulled out a copy of my old Garfield comic, Garfield at Large. It's actually the first 3 comics put into a mega volume. I didn't see Victor anymore for about 3 days, just random giggles & guffaws coming out of his room, which made me smile. I used to laugh at the very same books but I think I was 8 or 9. He's started reading them to his sisters & now they're playing Garfield games all day. Then it started conflicting w/ his chores getting done, so I have taken them away until the weekend. I don't really have anything against comics like Garfield; it's not what I would call quality reading material & as long as he's reading other stuff (he read a book on the Battle of Stalingrad & an abridged The Call of the Wild in the same week we went back to the library) I don't mind him indulging in empty fluff once in awhile.

I found the cartoon on Netflix & immediately called them all over to watch it on Sat. I spent 7 years (? 7 seasons) watching this cartoon every weekend. We watched two episodes & I called my dad later to apologize for subjecting him to such inanity. Of course they loved it, but it is not in the queue.

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