14 July, 2012

Small Creatures

Victor has serious relationships w/ his chickens. He cultivates it. I've explained the sinful extremes of attitudes towards animals but he won't be talked away from them. They have little plays in his head & power struggles w/ personalities w/in their hierarchical battles. I've kicked Cheep cheep outside into the coop at night. It was just not healthy & it was too attached to the house.

He liked to sit on that blue box & hang out while I did laundry or made supper but should I leave the kitchen he started to go looking for me (or whoever) & that was unacceptable.

A tiny turtle that was up in the Laural Hell. (Tipper that is now the name of the whole property.) He wanted to put it in our terrarium but as it's only a soda bottle I had to say no. I am often the villain when it comes to fun but they had fun launching it into the branch & keeping the other chickens at bay so it could explore & escape in safety.

Miranda wants one too! Unhappily Cheep cheep is a rooster & therefore a future supper. Mike has spared Bullet the red rooster because he's a cult favorite among us. He has a bass crow. Small things bring the most happiness around here.

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