08 October, 2011

Update on Oddments

Other things of note over here besides the quest for food:

1. The root cellar is completely dug out. I've got pictures but not uploaded. We're awaiting funds to buy some block.

2. My mom & her friend came to visit, it was nice. Mom bought us tires & gave me her beautiful old buffet, I've also got un-uploaded pictures of it. Thanks mom!

3. Miranda is weaned! I did so want to take it to 2 years but at 18 months I changed my mind. The cuddling was becoming more painful than anything & I was no longer able to purchase sleep w/ the nursing, so she's a big girl even saying "Pee pee" or "poo poo" sometimes when she needs to go. I feel myself at a loss because she is a big girl & I've not got a baby anywhere in sight.
4. Our school year is in full swing, tweaking as we go. Another post to come.
5. I am off of Facebook. As little as I posted it was still a time thief. I would be on & do what needed to be done in internet-land & instead of doing what needed to be done in real life I would go & read people. I kind of felt like a voyeur & had a false sense of friendship w/ people I didn't know & am no closer to my family or people I knew 20 years ago. There's a reason we no longer keep in touch & it's exhausting to think of maintaining a relationship w/ everyone I've ever met. So, if you want to talk send an email, I'll give out contact info.
6. I am on Earthineer, a social networking site for people setting out or into homesteading/ self sufficiency/urban chicken & bee keepers, etc.
We've been watching more tv, some good stuff.
V & C get 2 episodes of Liberty's Kids on Saturdays provided they've not watched anything else during the week. They just finished Common Sense.
Kid History is HILARIOUS. We all get some belly laughs, to the point of tears.
Tales from the Green Vally is an Off Off-Grid show showing a working farm back in the 1600's. We like those types & I was excited just now to see "Victorian Farm" "Edwardian Farm", "Tudor House" "1700's Minnesota Frontiersman House" & "The Wartime Garden". I love youtube! We're up to the March episode.
I found this 30 min. movie last night & felt sick watching it when not a single young person interviewed had any idea who Hitler was. It expanded into what the effects of that are; I do think it would be beneficial for everyone to see it & highly recommend it.

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Home Instead said...

I am so proud of you homesteading!!! That's awesome