03 July, 2011

Another Book Bomb!

Well, if you've been reading around here the last 6 months or so, you'll know I'm a fan of a formerly obscure man, Michael Bunker. His most recent book, Surviving Off Off-Grid; has served to sharpen the focus & direction of our family & marriage. It has done the same for some other friends & family of ours & made us more aware of God's working & Sovereignty in our lives.
The reviews on Amazon are overwhelmingly positive; the last book bomb moved it to #26 on the best sellers list & #2 on the Movers & Shakers list.
Since this is so, we're very pleased & anxious about the follow up companion book, Modern Religious Idols coming out July 8th. It goes more in depth exploring the personal blockades people put up to excuse their disobedience before God. If you are grateful when a brother or sister can point out sin & disobedience in your life (this should be everyone), this book is for you. If you are thankful for the Holy Spirit making you uncomfortable during a sermon when it hits too close to home, this book is for you. If you strive to get & be into the habit of working out your salvation w/ fear & trembling, this book is for you.
Unlike Surviving Off Off-Grid, I've not read it prior to the book bomb; I'm as excited as everyone else! This Friday, July 8th, get it at Amazon!

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